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Why you shouldn’t Smoke Weed and why Pot is bad for your Health

Over the past few years, marijuana has been the main subject of many debates especially in the US. Now that it has been legalised in many parts, many people, especially the youth, may end up thinking that there are no hazardous effects associated with smoking weed. Although many blogs tend to only report on the benefits of this herb, we should consider that it is incredibly being smoked which is very dangerous. This is why we have decided to compile a list of five reasons why you shouldn’t smoke weed.. Hopefully this article will tell you the answer to: should i stop smoking weed? This will also talk about some of the benefits of CBD Oil / Cannabidiol.


1. Smoking weed harms your Lungs

It is estimated that just one puff of weed contains more than five times the carbon monoxide and three times the tar that is in one tobacco puff. This means that you put very high rates of carcinogens inside your body with one weed puff than with one tobacco inhalation with cbd oil. It has also been found that long term smoking of weed leads to several respiratory problems including coughs, wheezing, and airway inflammation.

weed and lungs

2. Smoking weed can cause you to get paranoid and anxious – cbd oil can help

Did you know that smoking weed can cause your heart to beat up to two times faster for the next three or so hours? Since smoking weed increases the flow of blood to the brain, your heart may be left feeling a bit lonely. This leads to increase in the heart beat, resulting to freak outs, anxious thoughts, and clutching of the chest. You are
also more likely to develop a heart attack for up to three hours.

3. Smoking weed causes addiction and withdrawal symptoms

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, more than 9 percent of all users of marijuana become dependent on it. In fact, another study by the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence found out that more than 42 percent of marijuana users who tried to quit smoking it experienced withdrawal symptoms. This is because smoking marijuana exhibits similar pharmaco-kinetic properties as those of hazardous drugs like cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and barbiturates. Weed can also affect your tonsils and form tonsil stones, read more on how to getting rid of tonsil stones here.

4. Smoking weed hampers your ability to perform complex tasks including the use of CBD

Studies by the Centre for Substance Abuse Research show that long term smoking of weed may lead to irreversible damage to your verbal and math skills. According to the study, long-term smokers undergo structural changes in their brains that are much similar to those undergone by people suffering from schizophrenia. There are ways to test for THC in the blood, use methods such as pass a drug test pot to help you better understand what is going on within your body. Read more about CBD Oil through the website, with tips and guides on how to use Cannabidiol.

5. You Miss Out its Healing Properties

Although marijuana has several health benefits, none of them come from smoking. Burning or heating weed alters it’s molecules and changes its chemical structure which negates the herb’s therapeutic properties. If you are one of those people who only utilises weed by smoking it, you might be missing out greatly on more direct health advantages while just jeopardising your health.